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The Blame Game: Is Wound Infection Due To Patient Risk Factors Or Surgical Technique?

Who should be blamed for a wound infection after colon surgery? Was it the patient’s fault because of the patient’s condition creating “risk factors,” or was it the surgical technique? In my opinion the definitive answer is, “It depends.”


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Gloves, Colon Surgery, and...Parachutes

When I was training in General Surgery, from 1967-1972, the every other night on call rotation was not the most rigorous part of the ordeal of training. The harder part was the daily routine working under strict surgeons who themselves were not even allowed to get married during their training.


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Closing the Stable Door After the Horse has Bolted

Although predictive analytics for surgical site infection isn't in itself novel (NSQIP developed a patient risk assessment tool, for example), the novelty of Cromwell's approach seems to be rooted in the strength of their data analytics...


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The Elephant in the Operating Room

Patient pain and suffering from any infectious complication after surgery, as well as the massive costs associated with treating these complications, have been well documented. But the awareness of the reduction in disease-free survival...


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Environmental Disinfection

A recent article on SiliconHills, an Austin / San Antonio focused news outlet, touts the benefits of local San Antonio-based Xenex, a manufacturer and distributor of robotic UV disinfection systems.