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Novel Irrigating Wound Retractors Shown to Be Cost Effective in Colorectal Surgery

Journal of Surgical Research published study shows that reductions in surgical site infection (SSI) lead to substantial cost savings for hospitals

San Carlos, December 4, 2018 /BusinessWire/ -- -- Prescient Surgical announced publication of economic data in the Journal of Surgical Research that support the cost-effectiveness of CleanCision, its novel irrigating wound retraction and protection system, which is commercially available in the United States and approved for use in Europe.

 SSI is the most common and costly of all healthcare-associated infections resulting in an estimated $3.5 to $10 billion annually in healthcare expenditures.1 This is of particular significance in colon surgery, which is associated with the highest rate of SSI among all elective surgical procedures.2 Recent published data shows an SSI in colon surgery can result in additional cost of over $40,000 to the hospital.3

 The study demonstrated that double-ring devices, particularly the novel irrigating wound retractor, CleanCision, provided superior clinical benefit at lower cost, compared with both previous-generation single-ring wound protection devices and bundled process-based interventions. Substantial health benefits were reported, including 230 quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) per 1000 patients.

 Small reductions in SSI risk lead to substantial cost savings. The study reported that newer innovations like CleanCision, that provide continuous irrigation, deliver incremental benefits that conservatively could save over $2 million dollars per 1000 patients.  The study also concluded that further innovation in device-based wound protection devices may offer increased prevention of SSI at acceptable cost-effectiveness levels.

 “This study demonstrates that advanced technology to fight SSI helps hospitals achieve the triple aim of better protecting patients against infection, reducing cost, and advancing the quality of surgical care,” said Jonathan Coe, President and CEO, Prescient Surgical.


Based in San Carlos, Calif., Prescient Surgical, Inc. is a medical technology innovator that makes advanced tools and technologies to fight and defend against the sources of surgical site infection.  The company’s flagship technology, CleanCision, combines wound protection and irrigation into an advanced, intuitive, and easy-to-use retraction system that actively, consistently, and continuously clears harmful bacteria that invade surgical incisions during surgery.

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