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Rubbing Salt in the Wound

CleanCision was inspired by patients. This post shares the experience of Steve Benjamin, avid heli skier cyclist, and sportsman, who survived a difficult bowel resection surgery for cancer, only to contract a surgical site infection, causing serious complications that changed his life.


The Need for Tall Poppies

Healthcare Risk expert Russ Nassof shares his views on effectuating change in healthcare, calling for an urgent need for “Tall Poppies” to advance evidence-based medicine.


Advancing Tomorrow in the Operating Room of Today

Prescient Surgical CEO Jonathan Coe shares advice for surgeons committed to pursuing tomorrow’s innovations in today’s changing healthcare landscape


The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

Dr. Charles Edmiston shares highlights from his article in Surgical Infections on intraoperative wound irrigation -- a "standard of practice" without a standard