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An Engineer's Sphere of Influence is the World

CleanCision has won several design awards this year for innovation. This post reveals a bit of the backstory behind its development and the iconic "toy" that inspired its design.


Do You Know Your Hospital’s True Surgical Site Infection Rate?

Reported SSI rates—whether from your own hospital, clinical literature, or national reporting—may be missing a significant portion of the actual SSIs that are occurring in patients following surgery.


Leaving Incisions Open: Rethinking Common Wisdom on Surgical Site Infection Risk Reduction for Colorectal Surgery Patients

Do the benefits of leaving incisions open after colorectal surgery truly offset the pain and risk caused to patients? Dr. Insoo Suh, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of General Surgery, Endocrine Surgery Section, University of California San Francisco, rethinks this common practice.


Patient Zero

A reminder that stories of the patients we serve compel us to act