Reverse, Fight, and Defend
Against the Sources of Contamination

Maintaining a Healthy Incision

CleanCision is a first-in-class, advanced irrigating wound protection system that is used during surgery to fight and defend against the most pervasive sources of contamination to maintain a healthy surgical incision.

Now approved for abdominal surgery, which has a higher risk of complications, CleanCision utilizes innovative active cleansing technology -- combining wound irrigation, protection and suction into an intuitive system that consistently and continuous clears harmful bacteria that may invade the incision during surgery.

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Advanced Technology

Eliminating Critical Patient Vulnerabilities

CleanCision's microfluidic membrane is connected to a surgeon-selected fluid source and suction that delivers an active cleansing therapy which consistently and continuously cleanses and potentially removes contamination from the incision. By removing the contamination, CleanCision may help eliminate one of the root causes of surgical complications.

Unlike traditional methods, which cannot continuously and consistently clear contamination from the surgical site, CleanCision has been shown to reverse and reduce this pervasive threat to patient safety,1 clearing harmful bacteria throughout surgery when the threat of wound contamination is at its highest.

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Intuitive Approach

Designed by Surgeons & Surgical Quality Experts

Developed by surgeons and surgical outcome research experts, CleanCision seamlessly integrates into evolving surgical workflow and contamination control procedures. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use irrigating wound protection system that deploys quickly to immediately, consistently and continuously clear harmful bacteria that may invade the incision during surgery.

Only CleanCision has been shown to reverse pre-existing contamination1, fight and remove intra-operative contamination1, and suppress bacterial proliferation after incision closure2. Please contact Prescient Surgical Medical Affairs to request additional peer-reviewed publications.

Product Components

First in Class,
Advanced Technology

1. Sterile Irrigant Solution Inlet

Surgeon-selected fluid bathes incision to promote optimal outcomes.


2. Suction Outlet

Wall suction connection acts to potentially remove contamination from the surgical field.


3. Radial Retraction Ring

Quickly and easily deployed, the unique design retracts widest range of incisions and connects to a microfluidic membrane that provides two layers of barrier wound protection.


4. Hollow Suction Ring

Anchors device and collects and removes excess fluid to avoid spreading contamination into the abdominal cavity.


5. Microfluidic Membrane

Precision-controlled fluid flow rate ensures consistent, continuous dilution, cleansing, and potential clearance of harmful bacteria at the wound interface. Reticulated foam ensures fluid flow under manual retraction.


CleanCision Device CleanCision Device
CleanCision Device
Active Cleansing Diagram

Closing Critical Gaps in Care

  • Integrates contamination control practices into a single, first-in-class, advanced system
  • More complete skin antisepsis, may reverse pre-existing skin contamination 1
  • Potential active removal of contamination 3
  • May reduce CFU count/inoculum of contamination at the incision 1
  • Combines wound irrigation and wound protection, two independently proven practices for reducing surgical complications4,5

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